Philips Offers Proof of 120Hz Worth in Side-by-Side Demo of its 7403 LCD

philips_front_compare.jpgIs there a difference between 120Hz and 60Hz TVs? Philips proved there is a noticeable diff at CES 2008 today, showing last year's 60Hz 42-incher mounted below this year's 120Hz 7403 display. In a moving, panning image, the jumpiness of the 60Hz video was apparent compared with the butta-smooth motion of the frame-doubled 120Hz 7403 monitor mounted above it on the wall. Another astonishing stat of that 7403: its 2ms (that's milliseconds) refresh rate. However, whenever the image was static, the difference between the two wasn't noticeable. Available in May, this 42-inch smoothie will be $US1799, its 47" brandmate will run $US2099, and the biggest one of the Philips 7000 series, a 52-inch display, will be $US2799.


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