Peavey Riffmaster Takes Guitar Hero Rocking to the Extreme

FullShot463.jpgWe just got a look at Peavy's new Riffmaster Pro System, a $2000 add-on for Guitar Hero that takes playing fake guitar very seriously. For that money you get two controllers, which are authentic Peavey guitars gutted out and rewired for game-mode, a full P.A. system that houses a PS2, an amp head to control the unit, and a monitor so you can see the buttons you are pressing, just like the pros. But wait, there's more (cheesiness!):


The guitar body is fully customisable, so if that Pantera logo doesn't do it for you, just send them a JPEG of Milli Vanilli and be the envy of all your friends. This unit is designed for bars, and will make you wish you never said anything bad about karaoke when it's replaced by "Guitar Hero Night".

But seriously folks, it's nice to hold something heavier and more authentic in your hand than the standard controllers, and in a big group setting this could be a hit. For those about to rock on 360 or Wii, you'll have to wait. Sadly, it's only available for the Guitar Hero series on PS2 right now. There are plans to bring it to other games and systems soon, but no firm date yet. [Peavey Custom Shop]

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