Ortery's Photosimile 5000 Creates Professional 3D Images From Physical Items

The Photosimile 5000 is a professional office photography machine that is able to take a professional 3D images from physical products/people placed in its central chamber. The imager works by utilising a camera running along a rail, which can take a number of user defined images that are then translated into one unified 3D photo. The device can only capture the uppermost half of the item in the central cage, as the camera rail does not run along the base; however, the item being captured is rotated in 360-degrees, meaning the resultant snapshot can be viewed from all angels. Check out the video to see it in action.

The Photosimile 5000 will be able to output GIF and flash files, and the camera can be removed and replaced, if needed. There is no distributor in the US, and the guys at Ortery were unwilling to provide a price range for the Photosimile 5000, but it looks really promising nonetheless. [Ortery]

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