Orbitsound T3 Portable Speaker "Plays Music in the Air Around Your Head"

Orbitsound%20Air%20Sound%20GI.jpgThe Gadget: Orbitsound were showing off their speaker sets that incorporate "air sound" technology. The idea is simple; single point stereo sound is directed at a target area, meaning you only hear stereo music in one particular zone created by the device. Other models by Orbitsound include the T6 set (valve and speaker system), and the T12 soundbar iPod dock. They all boast the great technology described before, but pricing and shipping details were not available at present. However, what's the catch?

The Catch: No matter how many questions Eric asked, he could not get an answer to how this wizardry works. No matter how much I listened to the musical output, I just could not believe this just didn't work. Sure, it is an OK speaker, but it does not deliver on the promises it makes. Air sound, Orbitsound—meh. [Orbitsound]

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