Orange Shows Off Gesture Based Interaction Screen, Touch Screens Look On in Horror

Orange has unveiled a gesture based interaction screen that has been produced by a UK agency on their behalf. The agency, known as The Alternative, said it was the first time such a display had been on show to the general public. The purpose of the technology is mainly as an advertising opportunity for Orange, but selecting your favourite music clips have never been so fun. Check out the clip to see what all the fuss is about.

The futuristic device makes the touch UI revolution look like something from the era of the Flintstones. The gesture controls work by implementing a large projection screen and a "highly advanced piece of motion capture technology." What exactly is going on behind the scenes is not clear, but you can be assured I shall be going along for a hands-on waiving session soon. With tiny projectors in the making, it can't be too long before the gesture controlled iPhone comes out. Steve, that would be the best keynote, can't stop us from dreaming. [New Launches]

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