OptiMax-i iPod Dock/Projector Gives Your iPod Movies Big(ish) Screen Action

optimax%20ipod%20projector.JPGWe just hung out with the guys at genieSys Technologies, and they really had some great products to show us. The OptiMax-i iPod dock/projector really caught our attention. The ultra portable projector has a standard iPod dock (cross generation), which allows you to hook up your iPod and watch stored movies in awesome projected fashion. The picture quality is not great, but the 14-lumen output would be workable in a dark room. Check the gallery to see what the fuss was about.

optimax ipod projector 6.JPGoptimax ipod projector.JPGoptimax ipod projector 2.JPGoptimax ipod projector 3.JPGoptimax ipod projector 4.JPGoptimax ipod projector 5.JPG

The native aspect ratio is 4:3, but it also supports 16:9. The native resolution is 480 x 240, and the maximum display size is 21-inches, which may not be mahoosive, but it is much better than standard iPod screen size. The OptiMax-i has a built in stereo speaker, standard 3.5mm jack and a composite connection for on TV viewing. It will be made available in classic white, piano black and will ship with a multi-functioning remote. All in all, we are liking the effort. If you're a big traveller and have an iPod in your travel bag, you cannot go far wrong for $US299. Expect the OptiMax-i to drop in April—we're a little excited. [genieSys Technologies]

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