OptiEyes Bluetooth Camera Loses the Wires, Increases Chances of Being Arrested

optieyes-top.jpgThe genieSys chaps showed us this cool Bluetooth, 1.3MP webcam. It hooks up via Bluetooth and streams images back to your PDA or PC. At present, the OptiEyes is only at prototype level, and the design of the casing has not been finalised. Check out the gallery for some more shots.

optieyes 3.JPGoptieyes 2.JPGoptieyes 4.JPGoptieyes 5.JPGoptieyes 6.JPGoptieyes 7.JPGoptieyes 8.JPGoptieyes.JPG

Two editions will come to production; a desktop version and a " damn. I'm busted," pocket version. version. Though it was working fine with a Windows CE based PDA, the boss at the camp was promising an iPhone solution to be next on the to do list. Even the extremely over-exaggerated range of 100 meters cannot detract from the fact that this could be a neat little device. We're holding out for our review unit [geneieSys Technologies]

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