OLPC Slapped With Interim Injunction, $US20 Million Lawsuit in Nigeria

negroponte-nigeria.jpg Holy crap. The latest on the lawsuit against OLPC by Nigerian firm Lagos Analysis Corporation (Lancor) is that OLPC has been hit with a temporary injunction, meaning it can't be distributed or sold in Nigeria "on pain of jail time." LANCOR also wants $US20 million in damages. From a charity. Groklaw insinuates something of a conspiracy theory about this lawsuit:

One of the parties named (there were four, including OLPC) in the suit originally was Alteq, who has since been dropped. Alteq is Intel's Nigerian partner, and Intel, if you recall, is marketing the OLPC competitor, the Classmate. Here's what Groklaw says:

Not to be too cynical or anything, but if by any chance the roadblock of this case miraculously clears up in a few months, around the time the OLPC's with Intel chips are ready to roll into Nigeria, or some Nigerian ripoff of the OLPC is suddenly available for purchase, let's just say my FUD/bogo-litigation meter is going to start to ring off the hook.

Either way, this isn't good news for OLPC, since their lawyers now have quite the mess to slog through, though we expect they'll be responding soon, since all of this took place in court without them. Totally on the up and up, right? [Groklaw via Slashdot]

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