Obama #1 In Gates and Jobs Households, Donation-Wise

Gates_Jobs_Obama.jpgBill Gates has only made one presidential-candidate campaign donation this season, and it was to Barack Obama. Meanwhile, although Steve Jobs' wife Laurene has given nice sums to each of the three leading Democratic candidates, Barack appears to be the apple of her eye, if you calculate that in terms of dollars. Steve himself is not in the registry. What's more, neither billionaire tech household donated a (traceable) penny to any of the Republicans currently running for office.

Around this time of year, I like to poke around in the MoneyLine campaign donation search tool at Congressional Quarterly's website. You can look up anyone you want—campaign donations by law have to be public. Sometimes the results are clear, as in the case of William H. Gates, "esecutive" (sic) of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.Gates_Prez_Donation.jpgThings are a tad murkier when it comes to Palo Alto resident Laurene P Jobs:
Laurene_Jobs_Donations.jpgGiven the number of Barack listings, it's clear that Laurene is a fan. She might even be too zealous: Is that -$2,300 line item a donation she had to take back for giving too much? Even if you nix that and one of the other $2,300 items (for a zero sum), Barack appears to be $2,300 ahead of both Hillary and John Edwards.

It is possible that I'm reading this wrong, although I've doublechecked it as best as I can. The real lesson here is that anyone can "follow the money." Want to have a go? Dive in, enjoy democracy and report back any weirdness you might happen upon. [CQ MoneyLine]

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