Nyko Gaming Goodness: Guitar Hero / Rock Band Guitar, Wireless Nunchuck, PS3 Rumble and More

nyko_gear.jpgI hit the Nyko suite today at CES and got the opportunity to get a hands on with their new and updated line of gaming peripherals —including the new Front Man guitars for the PS3 and Wii. So, without further ado, let's take a look at what's new.


The big deal about the updated Front Man Wireless Guitar for the PS3 is that it is the first guitar controller that can be used with both Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Like the previous version for the PS2, to switch between games, all you need to do is hit the pedal —which is a nice touch. Other features include: 25 feet worth of cordless fun and an included USB play and charge cable. The device above is still a prototype, so expect a few cosmetic changes before it is released in March for $US59.99.


Nyko has also released a version of Front Man for the Wii that is fully compatible with Guitar Hero III. It also features 3 interchangeable pick guards in designer colors (the tool to remove them is located in a back side compartment),and customizing stickers. Available in March for $US49.99.


The updated Zero wireless controller for the PS3 features 25 hours of gameplay, wireless range of 30 feet, backlit LED buttons, metal polymer hybrid design, and full six axis motion and rumble. Plus it will be available at the end of January or early February —before the sixaxis controller rumbles its way to North America. Priced at $US59.99.

wireless_nunchuck.jpgThe Wireless Nunchuck controller for the Wii has full accelerometer support and it offers 30 hours of gameplay on two AAA batteries —which thoroughly sucks. According to the rep, they didn't want to develop an integrated rechargeable battery until a large user base has been established. So it could become a reality sometime in the future for anyone willing to pony up the extra cash. Expect to see it on store shelves in February for $US29.99.


The Charge Base for the 360 offers a convenient drop in design that makes recharging easy. It also features 2 custom NiMH batteries that provide up to 25 hours of play time. The Charge Base will be available in March for $US29.99.

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