Noise-Cancelling Earphones Rock Impractical Battery Pack

aute2_03.jpgAudio Technica's noise-cancelling earphones strike me as somewhat impractical, despite the fact that the sticky-in units have a few things going for them. Find out what, plus another pic, below.


Just one AAA battery will give you 50 hours of noise-reduction, although having a battery pack swinging around your neck must be somewhat annoying (but then I've always been a fan of massive cans that keep your ear warm and hide the battery somewhere behind your ear.) And is it just me, or is the $136 pricetag (12,800¥) a bit on the steep side? Available in Japan from February 22 in both black and white, the ATH-ANC3 model is part of the Audio Technica's Quiet Point range. [Impress]

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