Niveus's Sierra Windows Media Centers Goes Intro-Level for Home Builders

niveussierra2.jpgBranching out from their full-featured (read: Expensive) Media Centers, Niveus is introducing a Sierra Edition Media Server, which is also designed for the home-builder market. The Sierra, which is half the size of their normal units, also consumes "low power" and uses an HD DVD drive, 500GB storage, a GeForce "Series 8", and 1080p streaming. It'll be available in Q1 2008 for "volume integrators", which means people who will be installing them in homes or other markets which you probably don't qualify for buying this for yourself.

Niveus Sierra 3Niveus Sierra 1Niveus Sierra 2IMG_2369.JPGIMG_2370.JPGIMG_2371.JPG

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