Nintendo DS 2: the 3D Mock-Up Makes Us Drool Even More

3d-nintendo-ds2-front.jpgGizmodo reader Phil Nolan, a profesional 3D modeler and animatior, got inspired by our Nintendo DS 2 mock-up and wish list and sent us his cool version of this dreamed-up second-generation Nintendo DS that is not that away from happening. It looks so yummy inside that I want to take it out for a date:

Nintendo DS 2 3D Mock Up OpenNintendo DS 2 3D Mock Up Open 2Nintendo DS 2 3D Mock Up Open 3

As you can see, he took the original design and added a whole lot of the iPhone and the PSP. Looks quite good to me, even while it still has some unresolved issues, like the hinge, which can't be like the MacBook because it will block the shoulder buttons. Still, a very doable, even slimmer form factor than the Lite which can perfectly fit all the not-so-crazy features we thought could make it to the next revision of the Nintendo portable console.

And before the anti-Apple camp gets up in arms, let's not forget that the original DS got redesigned with a clear inspiration on the Apple's all-white, all-shiny, all-simplicity iPod design. People didn't think the same could be done with the original DS and look what happened with the Lite. [Gizmodo and Phil Nolan]

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