New SaSi Sex Toy Gets Intelligent With Your Nether Regions

howpic2.jpgIts about time someone started applying machine intelligence to good things rather than the seemingly evil: the new JeJoue SaSi "personal massager" comes with built-in motion playlists and also actually learns what its lady likes in the way of sub-knicker action. And occasionally, just for kicks, it rocks a bit of freestylin' to give you a surprise. Updated: NFSW demonstration video after the jump.


Quite a lot of cool, calm thought must have gone into this design—JeJoue's similar product from a while back had programmable, downloadable motions but their research suggested users would prefer something a little more spontaneous. So while you can no longer blog and share the motion files (fascinating concept!) the SaSi has two modes: a simple "natural" mode where you can select from its pre-chosen vibe patterns, and the "learn" mode, where it morphs between different styles, learning what you like as you vote yes or no using its (apparently) iPod-inspired control pad.

Its a high-end product, since electronic pleasure with this level of cleverness will cost you $US175 when it's on sale in a couple of months, but at least you get removable silicon covers for that price. And you'll get to explore an attentive electronic bed-partner. You know, there are some product design meetings that we'd just love to have been attending.

Video by NickMcGlynn
[FleshBot and Wired]

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