New Indy Movie LEGO Sets Offer Exclusive Peek Into Crystal Skull

indy-lego-exclusive.jpgWe've got leaked official high resolution shots, prices and descriptions of the new LEGO diorama sets for Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. They may not be the best LEGO sets in history or include Indy in a thong (thank heavens for that) but they offer an exclusive look into the most-awaited movie of all time (at least for me). WARNING: new Indy IV movie spoilers ahead.

7624 Jungle Duel
While Indy struggles to keep giant ants at bay (what? giant ants? For shame!), Irina Spalko (also known as Goddess Cate Blanchett) and Mutt (Indy's son) battle each other in an intense sword fight. Mutt barely avoids Irina's blade as she slices right through the table. Set includes Mutt and Irina minifigures with swords, two hungry ants, and fully equipped Indiana Jones with whip, hat and shoulder bag. 90 pieces for US$9.99.

7625 River Chase
In a daring escape from the Soviets (not as bad as the Nazis, but we still hate them), Indy and Marion race off in an amphibious vehicle. But the Soviets are close behind in a boat of their own and are trying to recapture the pair with a net trap. Can Indy and Marion avoid them? (Can they? I don't care, as soon as we get Marion in the frame.) Set includes two Soviet soldiers and Marion minifigures and fully equipped Indiana Jones minifigure with whip, hat and shoulder bag. 234 pieces for US$19.99.

7626 Jungle Cutter
Trapped in a makeshift hideout, Indiana Jones and Mutt must avoid the Soviet jungle cutter (can't wait for this one) as it slices down everything in its path. But armed with a bazooka (YES!), Indy is ready to fight his way to freedom. Set includes Dovchenko, two Russians, Mutt and fully equipped Indiana Jones with whip, hat and shoulder bag. 511 pieces for US$39.99.

7627 Temple of the Crystal Skull
In the thrilling climax of their adventures, Indiana Jones and Mutt must discover the secret of the lost Temple of Akator (sounds like pain medication) before it falls into the hands of the dangerous Irina Spalko (she's Cate Blanchett, who cares? Kill me.) But first, they have to survive the many hidden perils of the ancient temple! 929 pieces for US$79.99.

All of the sets will be available in May, when the movie debuts in theatres worldwide. [LEGO in Gizmodo]

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