NavStar Voice Navigator Has No Screen, May Need One

navstar_voice_navigator.jpgIf you like to keep your eyes on the road while you're driving, the NavStar Voice Navigator can assist you by blurting out turn-by-turn directions with no screen in sight. The 11-oz unit resides in your car's cigarette lighter outlet, and it hooks up with your cellphone, doubling as a speakerphone for hands-free calling. Looks nice, but this could really suck.

If our experience with our GPS system's voice recognition is any indication, even if this smart-looking unit is 98% accurate (which would be miraculous at noisy highway speeds), it will still be terribly frustrating for inputting crucial and complicated data such as street addresses and points of interest.

Plus, we often glance at the GPS screen's map, just to be sure which street we need to turn onto, and how far away it is. If those near-impossible voice-rec hurdles can be overcome, the Voice Navigator has possibilities, and might even be safer to use than a conventional GPS system. [NavStar, via GPS Tracklog]

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