Napkin PC Concept Utilises Multi-Touch E-Paper Display and RF Technology

napkin_pc.jpgWe have all doodled an idea or a bit of important information on a napkin at one point or another, but designer Avery Holleman takes it a step further with the Napkin PC. The device is intended to help creative groups collaborate on designs more effectively. Here's how it works: data is sent to the multi-touch e-paper "napkin" interface via the pen using short range radio frequency (RF). The pen and the napkin also communicate with the base station PC via long-rage RF. More after the break.<


The result is a device that allows users to share ideas with greater ease. The napkins are also modular, so large-scale layouts can be formed by connecting them together. If all of that wasn't improbable enough, the Napkin PC uses so little power that it has no need for a battery—instead, it features a single-layer flexible circuit board that utilizes inductive power. It sounds like a really awesome idea, if you can get past the fact that it would cost a fortune to produce one device that probably wouldn't work. [Yanko Design]

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