MPAA: Did We Say 44% of Piracy Was Done By Students? We Meant 15%, Our Bad!

mpaalogo.jpgSo the MPAA used to shout about a study they performed that showed that 44% of illegal movie downloading was done by college students, a figure they used as evidence that our government needed to enact some laws to keep our feckless youth population under control. The only problem? The study was complete BS, with the real figure hovering a bit closer to the 15% mark. Oops!

To their credit, the MPAA has admitted to the mistake, saying that "We take this error very seriously and have taken strong and immediate action to both investigate the root cause of this problem as well as substantiate the accuracy of the latest report." Great, MPAA! Thanks for taking the time to stop vilifying college students as a roving pack of thieves as the RIAA loves to do. Now lets see if it changes your behaviour at all, shall we? [Yahoo via Consumerist]

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