MP3 Jacket With Shoulder Speakers: May Double as a Life Preserver

smart_jacket_mp3.jpgJackets that incorporate MP3 players are nothing new, but my guess is that only the MP3 Lederhosen and Hunting Jacket can compete with this "Smart Jacket" in terms of sheer weirdness. Actually, MP3 Lederhosen is far weirder than this, but I digress...

Basically, the Smart Jacket is a vest that features built-in shoulder speakers, a set of player controls and a secure pouch to hold your MP3 player while in use. It also looks a hell of a lot like a life vest, and the "annihilation orange" colour scheme isn't what I would call attractive. However, it was designed with joggers in mind, so there is a safety component involved here. Not sure if it is worth it though. Pricing information has not been released. [Product Page via Reg Hardware]

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