Monster Cable iCableLink Adapts Proper Earphones with iPhone

monster%20icable_front.jpgMonster Cable, the cablemonger that never saw a $90 cable worth $10 it didn't like, reaches deep downmarket with iCableLink, letting you use a proper set of earphones with your iPhone instead of the included stock iPod buds. Uncharacteristically, it's reasonably priced.

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The thing is rather stiff but still flexible, has good build quality, and gets the job done except for the loss of the ability to pause music and answer calls while listening, as you can do with the stock iPhone buds. The most remarkable aspect? Monster Cable only mildly rips you off with this one, charging just $US9.95 for this headphone adapter (almost exactly price-matching a similar one from Belkin) that shouldn't even be necessary. [Monster Cable]

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