Mitsubishi Laser TV and Dancing Babes Make Jaws Drop in Vegas Nightclub Debut

Laser-TV-front.jpgMitsubishi put together quite a spectacle to introduce its Laser TV last night at the Moon Nightclub at The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, unveiling a 65-inch rear-projection set that uses a unique laser backlight. The result is some of the most vivid colour we've ever seen on any TV, especially the primary colours of red, green and blue. The blacks were midnight-dark, too, and there was even a 3D version of the TV (goofy glasses required) that only made us slightly cross-eyed. Mits officials said to look for the TV to appear on the market "later this year" at an undisclosed price, and added that it will cost about the same as flat panel TVs of the same size. How does this laser backlight work? When pressed for details, they kept repeating their mantra about laser being the "purest light source," but from what we could see, we think it must have something to do with hot-looking dancing girls, frickin' lasers, smoke, and maybe even mirrors. We were taking shots of the TVs, but all these women kept getting in our way. Oh, well. Check out the almost-NSFW work gallery for details.


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