Michael Douglas Touts XStreamHD 1080p Digital Download Service, Pricing Announced

douglas_front.jpgRemember that XStreamHD 1080p program service we told you about last month? It turns out movie star Michael Douglas is one of the investors, and he was here touting the service that will debut later this year.

New info? The lowest-end 500GB home media server and HD Media Receiver will sell for $US399, with a 1TB and 2TB setup costing more. Here's a gallery of the set-top, server and the press conference, where there was a record utterance of the word "titles" instead of "movie"—we must have heard that word used over a thousand times in 45 minutes.


CEO George Gonzalez says his service, which could be described as a combo of a virtual satellite-delivered Blockbuster store paired up with the personal preference penchant of a TiVo, says there are no deals lined up with studios for content just yet. However, he adds that Hollywood content providers are "aware and supportive" of the idea.

What we like: 1080p video across the board, and lossless DTS-HD audio. Yeah, if only all TV were this way. [XStreamHD.com]

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