Maxell's iPod Dock — "Death Occurs From the Sound of Time," Apparently

TEMP-Image_3_1.jpgRather like a cross between a classic desk lamp and a mini zeppelin, the MXSP-4000TD from Maxell hits the shops in Japan at the end of this month. I'm not quite sure what the company means by its rather apocalyptic boast, but it sure makes for a good headline. Specs and yet more strange claims by Hitachi-Maxell below the gallery.


Boasting 44-millimetre cones and remote control, the 2 x 5W speakers measure 220 x 170 x 240, weigh 870 grams and are described by Hitachi as "for adult use." Hmm. I think he means that it is the sort of product that appeals to executives, rather than something perv-a-licious. [Impress through Google Translate]

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