Makeover Your Living Room, OSX Leopard Style

osx_pillow_dock.jpgLooking to add a unique personal touch to your living space? I see plenty of sports fans decking out a room with team colours and accessories —so why can't Apple fanboys do the same? First off you need to add a little flair to that boring old couch with the OSX dock pillow set pictured above. Unfortunately, the design is one-of-a-kind, so you had better find someone who is handy with sewing machine. No problem right? Now all you need is some storage. Fortunately, the perfect solution is available after the break.

Now that you have a stylish set of geeky ass-cushions, you need to hook yourself up with these Prove shelves from Creosa. With a little work, you can make them look just like Leopard stacks.[Omni Mouth via Apartment Therapy and Creosa via Freshome]

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