Make Your Own Mac Tablet in 15 Minutes

hackedmactablet.jpgDid you fall in love with the Wacom tablet ? Are you also not rich enough to afford a $4,500 tablet? I feel your pain. But hey, why drop all that coin on a new one when you can turn your Mac laptop into a tablet in a mere 15 minutes for way less money? Walk with me.

By taking an older Wacom tablet, the Wacom Intuos2, and attaching it to an old MacBook, you've got yourself a slick little number that'll let you draw right on the screen. And it doesn't take all that much work, although if you're especially lousy with a screwdriver you might still be intimidated by the project. But hey, what would be worse, spending $4,500 on a new tablet or potentially breaking your laptop to create a lower-quality one for cheaper? That's a good question, actually. I leave the ball in your hands. [Instructables]

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