Macbook Would Commit Adultery With LED Mobile Phone

LED%20Cellphone%20GI.jpgTao Ma is at it again, cranking out another great phone concept. The new design, the LED Cellphone, incorporates hundreds of LEDs, all of which are used to create the mobile's striking UI. Check out the gallery below to see a cellphone your plastic white MacBook would fall head over heels for.


Depending on the function that is required, certain LEDs will illuminate, while others are switched off. This only gives rise to basic patterns, so you would not be sending any MMS messages using this phone, but the styling certainly earns it plus points. The device would be powered by two AAA batteries, which could be recharged by the chic USB dock. The LED Cellphone reminds us of O2's Cocoon, and as that has already made it to the production line, we know this concept would not pose too many obstacles to a manufacturer. We can hear our slut Macbook making adulterous noises right now—it would trade its iPhone partner for a pretty bimbo without a second thought. Macbook, you should be ashamed. [Gizmo Watch]

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