MacBook Air Unboxed, Compared to Sony VAIO

2203559348_3e49ed539a_o.jpgUpdate: Akiko has shared with us her opinions about the Air, from the perspective of a PC user experienced and obsessed with thin laptops, "like everyone in Japan," according to her. Here you have the first MacBook Air unboxing: iPhone-styled tiny packaging, minimalist and all smooth black. What's even more important, you'll see it compared to a Windows laptop: a Sony VAIO (fight!). Akiko Wada, a Japanese blogger, got invited to a special event hosted by Apple Japan, and she very kindly let us use her photos in Gizmodo. Her thoughts, complete mega-gallery, video and the Air vs. VAIO side-by-side after the jump.

MacBook Air SuperDriveMacBook Air in Manila envelopeMacBook Air tiny boxDetail on MacBook Air magsafe connectionPeople groping MacBook Air, touching packagingMacBook Air getting out of packagingMacBook Air vs Sony VAIOMacBook Air vs Sony VAIOMacBook Air power adapterMacBook Air out of the boxMacBook Air out of the boxMacBook Air inside a mail envelopeMore MacBook Air in ManilaOpening the MacBook Air portMore MacBook Air portTyping on the MacBook Air, out of the boxMacBook Air in the boxMacBook Air vs Sony VAIO2203559782_961f63c1b5_o-1.jpg

Obviously, they allowed it because this particular model of VAIO is thick enough to make the MacBook Air look as thin as paper. The event was celebrated by Apple Japan on the 19th. Akiko, who is a PC notebook user, has shared her particular perspective on the MacBook Air:

Jesus Díaz: What do you think about the MacBook Air, from a point of view of someone used to thin and tiny PC laptops?
Akiko Wada: Wonderful! To tell you the truth, I was a little sceptical before the event. "Thin" is very important for a laptop and many Japanese people are looking for the smallest and thinnest and lightest laptop all the time.

But at the same time, the toughness is important for me. I thought: "The MacBook Air is thin, but may be not tough."

I was wrong. At the event, I felt the MacBook Air is tough enough.

Now I use three computers, Sony VAIO Type R master, MacBook, and Panasonic Let's Note R3. The Let's Note Series is a very popular mobile laptop in Japan.

I am a Windows user and I love my [Panasonic]Let's Note, but I have to say that I love the MacBook Air. It completely charmed me.

JD: So what do you think will be the reaction to this in Japan, a country obsessed with light and thin in consumer electronics?
AW: My guess is that many Japanese people will switch to Mac this year. Before, the Mac's laptops didn't appear in the popularity ranking. But now... I am very surprised. I think that many Japanese will accept it just the same as iPod (once I heard some young Japanese girls talking about a Sony Walkman. They said: "Wao! It's a Sony iPod!" Now, the iPod is something like General noun in Japan.)

Head to her site to learn more about it and watch the video in high resolution. [WADA-blog — Thanks Akiko!]

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