Macbook Air: AU Pre-Order Now Available

ultra-thin-macbook.jpgThe 'world's thinnest notebook' is available for pre-order now at the Apple Store Australia. The 13-inch machines come in at $2,499 for 1.6 Ghz and $4,338 for the 1.8Ghz model. Yep, that's almost two grand extra for the added 0.2Ghz Core 2 Duo and 64GB solid-state-drive goodness.

Aside from being super-slim (1.9cm and 1.36 Kg), the Air also features a multitouch trackpad. The estimated shipping time of two to three weeks should help somewhat in your quest to acquire $4,000. The only question now is, what the hell do I do with my positively-chubby-by-comparison MacBook Pro?

Check out Gizmodo's Macbook Air hands-on and complete Macbook Air coverage.

[Apple Store Australia]

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