Macally FlexTune Dock Holds iPhone Sideways For Video Without the Neck Strain

MacAlly_FlexTune.jpgMost iPod docks think vertically: iPod slides in, charging and playing in the most upright of fashions. But Macally's new FlexTune dock gives you two 30-pin choices, one centred old-school towards the bottom, and one off to the right, so that you can clamp in your iPhone or iPod touch to view video the way God intended, in 16:9. It's a great idea, since the larger the iPod/iPhone screen gets, the less important LCD-equipped video docks become. The FlexTune takes four AA batteries for portable enjoyment, and has a line-in jack for non-iPods. Let's just hope the FlexTune sounds halfway decent, but for $US60, we're not entirely optimistic. [Macally]

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