Lian Li Cranks Out Super Hot Armorsuit PC Case

Lian%20Li%20Armorsuit%20PC%20case%20GI.jpgWe just checked in with the guys at Lian Li, and we managed to peek a look at their new, smoking PC cases. The best of the bunch is the Armorsuit enclosure, shown in the image above. It's smoking. The case has a solid aluminum construction (with plastic side windows), nine 5.25-inch device bays (including two 3.5" x 3 HDD cages), three LED fans, LED lined heat exhaust and liquid pipe inlets for solvent cooled systems. If that doesn't sound great; check out the gallery, revise your opinion and eat humble pie.

Lian Li New Range GI.JPGDual Armorsuit GI.JPGArmorsuit Case Back GI.JPGArmorsuit Case Front GI.JPG

Lian Li has been busy at work; they have an entire product refresh that is expected to drop soon. Unfortunately, the website is yet to be updated, but the new range will consist of at least ten new models. As we said, the big daddy is above, but if you want something a bit more moderate, Lian Li has you covered. (Check the gallery for different iterations of the above Armorsuit.) [Lian Li]

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