LG Press Conference Liveblog

lgorangetvfront.jpgHighlight: Thin-profile 1.7-inch LCD, in orange, and a whole lotta plasma. We're here, ready to go. There's lots of smarmy music playing as all the journos jostle for position. Stay with us as we bring you all the good stuff, as it happens. Keep scrolling down and refreshing as we go along, and you won't miss a thing.lgpress.jpgLG North America Michael Ahn talks about LG's sales targets and such. The company's sales targets for 2008 is $14 billion. Wants to be in the top 3 of LCD sellers.

Now they're talking flat panels. Plasmas for LG have a 9% market share for the past year and hope for 15% in "08. LCD has 7% market share and has a goal of 10% for '08.

He's talking about LG's concentraion on design, and meanwhile we're looking at the back of a weird-looking orange TV. Check it out: lgorangetvrear.jpgRolling out 8 new plasma displays, 6 of which are 1080p.

Plus 27 new LCD models. one has a thickness of 1.7" lgorangetvfront.jpgThen there's this slim, gorgeous 32-inch "bedroom TV." It's black with orange accents. That's the orange one we showed you earlier. Here's another shot of it. It's a concept — no price or availability was announced. bedroomtvlg.jpgAudio: LG is teaming up with noteworthy audio maven Mark Levinson for its push into high end audio.

Talking Netflix/LG partnership we told you about last week. Netflix has 7 million customers, and LG is making a settop box to watch the company's "watch it now" offerings on TVs.

Cellphone guys taking the stage now. LG phones sales grew from 6.7% of the market in '02 to 27.2% in 2007. Bragging about Shine and LG's other big sellers. lgninephones.jpgCTO of LG, Woo Paik, is next. He announced MPH, a Mobile DTV system for mobile, terrestrial and home TV reception from anywhere. We saw a similar tech demonstrated by the company last year — it's TV anywhere and any time. lgmphdevices.jpg LG now has prototypes for lots of MPH-enabled devices, such as a TV-equipped cellphone, and also a plain-looking GPS system that lets you watch TV, and a dongle using the tech that you can plug into a USB port on a laptop.

Summing up, lots of plasma and LCD displays announced, a pretty new "Bedroom TV" with orange accents that's a design concept so far, and a well-tested standard for TV everywhere, with hopes that US broadcasters will implement the system in their transmitters sometime next year.

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