LG BH200 Dual Blu-ray/HD DVD Player Reviewed (Verdict: Good Video Quality, But Slightly Too Late)

lgbh200.gifLG's BH200 Super Blu player, which is an upgrade to their original HD DVD/Blu-ray player, sounded like a great idea on paper. However, with the state of HD DVD being what it is (dying), it's probably not a great decision to pay a premium on a player that does one good format and one useless one. Nevertheless, this BH200 is actually a decent piece of tech, with 1080p resolution at 60Hz or 24Hz (if it detects the right display support) and pretty good image quality.

The problems come when you get to the HD DVD support, where the "sluggish HD DVD menu navigation" get points docked off. There are some other quirks like not being able to manually select the 1080p/24Hz mode if you know your display can handle it, but all in all it's a fairly decent player for the price (US$600-$800ish). That said, with HD DVD all but deceased, you should probably just buy a Blu-ray player at this point and skip out on these dual-mode machines. [PCMag]

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