LEGO Contest Picks Up Steam, Pod Racer, London Imperial Shuttle and Jeff Vader

steampodracer.jpgSome of you asked for it when we showed you the LEGO Steampunk Tie Fighter and here it is: a LEGO Steampunk Pod Racer, the Darling Apollo IV driven by Trenton Telgaard. Whoever that is. It's also part of the LEGO Steam Wars contest, like the brilliant London Imperial Shuttle after the jump (right next to a hilarious LEGO animation set to Eddie Izzard's monologue on Darth Vader's at the Death Star's cafeteria. A must for a Monday morning.)


I don't know about you, but I find that quite funny. Funny in a Queen's Seaside Rendezvous steampunkcampish kind of way, but funny. As opposed to hilarious, like the following monologue.

"Jeff Vader." Definitely one of the funniest things I've found in a long time. [The Brothers Brick and LEGO Steam Wars Contest]

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