Leaked Pictures of Sony A300 and A350 DSLRs Materialize

a300.jpgPMA 2008 DSLR leaks abound today. In addition to the cluster bomb of point-and-shoots dropped on us last week, a Dyxum forum member turns up supposed full frontals of a pair of yet-to-officially exist Sony DSLRs, the A300 (previously peaked with its twisty, turny LCD for live view) and A350 from SonyStyle.

a350.jpg Tingling our spider sense a bit, however, is the fact that the pics look almost exactly alike, except for the A300 bearing "10.2" on its underside, while the A350 is marked "14.2," which also happen to be the only "known" specs. 10.2 megapixels for the A300, 14.2 for the A350. [Dyxum via Photography Bay]

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