LapDome: A Friggin' Tent For Your Laptop...Seriously

LapDome.jpgThe next time you are on a camping trip, don't forget that your precious laptop needs shelter too. That's where the LapDome comes in. In all semi-seriousness, the LapDome is intended to offer "privacy, security, and protection from the elements, but most of all, computer screen visibility outdoors in the daytime."

Amusingly enough, the device comes in four different varieties: The Planet Rambler backpack, The Planet Business shoulder bag, The Collapsible compact carry bag, and The Junior for small DVD players (and possibly UMPCs). Don't get me wrong, Its not that they are completely ridiculous —in fact, LapDomes could be quite handy. It just looks completely ridiculous. But hey, at least it is better than this thing. Available for $US24.95 to US$79.95. [Product Page via Geeksugar]

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