JVC NXPN7 Dual iPod Dock, Hands On

<img alt="IMG_5386.JPG" src="http://gizmodo.com/assets/resources/2008/01/IMG_5386.JPG" class="center" /The pitch: the JVC NXPN7 is an iPod dock that isn't just an iPod dock, but TWO iPod docks capable of supporting any combination of iPhone/iPod you could imagine.

The price: $US150

The details: It's easy to swap between your two iDevices, complete with programmable color coordination. And this JVC dual dock features all the amenities you'd expect from an iPod dock: an alarm, video out, audio in, but most impressively, the neatest little remote we've seen in a dock yet. The thing has a real scroll wheel. Seriously, you don't see this in iPod docks, so I wonder if JVC is paying an arm and a leg for the convenience (though I'd bet that they are just a little more generous with their patent interpretations).


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