iTunes Rentals Adds Disney to Stable, Might Not Get Others


It comes as no surprise when we hear that Disney has just joined Apple's movie rental service (following Fox, late last week) seeing as Steve Jobs says "I"m hittin' that" to both companies, but it does surprise us when Variety reports that Sony, Universal and Warner Bros. would not participate because of "various competitive reasons".

Also interesting is the pricing scheme that Apple's unleashing. Movie rentals will be somewhere between $US2 and $US5, depending on the newness and goodness of the movie (they decide, not you) and will only be valid for 24 hours. That's it? Even Blockbuster lets you keep a movie for two days before slipping into their "no late fees late fees" period. And, to top it off, they've got movies from Sony, Universal and Warner Bros. as well. [Variety via Valleywag]

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