iTunes Video Rentals Rumour: Warner Bros. Onboard

warner%20itunes.jpgCiting the ever-chatty "people familiar with the agreements" Bloomberg is reporting that Warner is the latest studio to climb aboard the iTunes video rental express. For and against breakdown: Warner has been pretty busy this week on the vid front—and it's a total "duh" that Apple has been/is talking with all of the major studios. But, ten days ago, word was that Warner was abstaining for "competitive reasons."

And while the chatter level is fever pitch, the signal-to-noise ratio is infinitesimally low right now. So while it's possible Warner's signed on, the safer side of speculation falls on Fox and Disney—in addition to lasting, constant buzz, Fox has historically been pretty tight with iTunes. Disney—well, when has Disney not played ball with Apple? [Bloomberg via AppleInsider]

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