Israeli Military Wants to Build Artificially Intelligent Missile Defence System, a.k.a. Skynet

pac3_dvd10733_300x375_2.jpgIf news of the Israeli military developing a robotic defence system that's completely AI and human-independent doesn't scare you, you haven't watched as many Terminator movies as we have. Their system, which defends against attacks that would "exceed physiological limits of human command," is described thusly.

...supremely oriented, highly intuitive virtual coach-cum-battle manager whose primary mission would support system operators and commanders during engagements. As such, the super system would help Israeli air defenders pick the optimum timing, sequence and targets for specific interceptors.

The good news, which luckily we read right before crapping ourselves for the third time today, is that the developers aren't focusing entirely on making it autonomous, but a sort of hybrid.

"Our approach cannot be based exclusively on man-in-the-loop, nor can it rely only on the opposite. Rather, we need to build an operational concept and a system that is flexible and situationally dependent," Milo said.

In the future, and "under very complex scenarios," Milo said, the envisioned super system would be able to generate a level of supreme situational awareness and snap intuitive capabilities that could surpass the very best wartime commanders.

Nevertheless, if we're all killed by an AI system in 20 years, you know who to blame. [Wired]

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