iPig is Porky iPod Dock

ipodpig-top.JPGAmethyst's iPig is an iPod dock for the new generation of iPods. the sound quality is actually rather good, and it gets loud too. The touch sensitive, volume-controlling ears really let you get a response from feeling your ham. It will ship with a multi-functioning remote, but we believe the brochure explains it best; check out the great PR work after the equally fantastic gallery.


"Pretty Pig. Fair-sounding pig. Lovely pig. Certainly, it need your tender petting." Enough said. Though a speaker set with the same design have been around for a while, the iPod dock version is fresh to the market. No shipping / pricing information has been released, but you can get your bacon fill from your butcher's until the iPig launches. [Amethyst; link is down at time of writing]

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