iPhone Starbucks Ordering Screens Look Like the Real Thing, Precede Apple Patent

interactive_quickOrder_t.jpgIf you wanted to know how Apple's iPhone ordering and paying patent could work in Starbucks, check these amazing screens created by designer Phil Lu. Not only they look like the real thing, but the most impressive thing is that they were actually made before the Apple patent was publicised:

Picture 6.pngPicture 5.pngPicture 4.pngPicture 3.pngPicture 2.pngPicture 1.png

We asked Phil about why his design used a Semacode to confirm payment when you pick up your order, since Apple didn't use this system and just a regular credit card payment system. His answers was very surprising:

This concept was designed before the Apple patent is widely publicized. Similar to ordering song through the web via iTune account, Semacode works like a digital "receipt," allowing the user to use their iTunes account for the transaction (which will bypass credit card transaction/identification, and speed up the pick-up process).

[Genoco - Thanks Sacha]

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