io9 Launches Today Like Hulk Out of a Phone Cabin

Oh, Annalee Annalee, let us count the ways we love you! First, because you are the editor of io9, our new sister blog on science fiction, double feature, oh oh oh. Second, because you bought good old Ferrigno's Hulk on DVD. Third, because you did a post about a scene on which Banner turns into Hulk after getting excited by a phone company operator in a bad, not-green way (I had wished that so many times myself.) Fourth, because you mentioned "lady trucker friend" and "Lily Tomlin" in the same phrase... I could go on and on, but I won't waste any more time: Gizmodians, head to io9 for a wonderful world of science fiction, where everyone goes around in tin foil underpants or no underpants at all. [io9]

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