Images of the iPod Frozen Popsicles Don't Excite Our Tongues But Tickles Our Ears

kibonipodthumb.jpgRemember that Unilever promotion that is giving away 10,000 iPod shuffles frozen inside $1 fruit popsicles? Well, we got the pictures of how it actually looks inside:


ipodkibon1g.jpgNot very lickable, but hey, it's a free iPod! Here's what it says:

A reader of our friends at brazilian creativity blog Brainstorm9 got his prize and sent them the photos of the fake popsicle/package, designed to fool consumers and make the iPod sustain the sub-zero temperatures and the humidity of a freezer. The fake popsicle, which you can only see when you open the external packaging, was approved by Apple in Cupertino to guarantee that the Shuffle didn't get damaged. If shows the following tag:

Contratulations You won an iPod Shuffle from the iPod on a stick Kibon promotion. To ask for your headphones, charging dock and manual with warranty, call 0800 707 1315, give your information and the serial number of your iPod Shuffle. It's very important that you save this popsicle to show when you receive the complements. Expires on August 31 2008. Limited edition.

And then adds, "Don't eat." No kidding. Fortunately, they send you a real popsicle along with the iPod complements. And failing that, you can always use strawberry syrup. [Brainstorm9]

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