How To Do Matrix-Like Bullet Time Video at Home

Head to Instructables for a tutorial about how to do your own spectacular Matrix-like ghetto Bullet Time videos for those lovely OMG-grandma's-is-frozen-in-time-and-space moments. Using nothing more than wood, tubes, a whole lot of digital point-n-shots, one external shutter trigger and a box full of relays, you will be able to play Neo in the hood, but without red pills, white rabbits and black shiny latex. Or maybe with all that too.

Although Bullet Time is a patented process, nothing stops you from preparing such a device for your own use. It doesn't have to be as complete as the one in the tutorial and since old digital cameras are a buck-a-piece on eBay, it won't break the bank.


The Bullet Time trick is easy: you line your cameras on a wood arch, connect them to your trigger box and fire them in quick succession. The cameras will grab a series of frames which, put together in a video editing program, will give the illusion of frozen time while the camera travels through the scene. This rig was developed by "Graffiti Research Lab and director Dan the Man to use in a hip-hop music video for underground rappers Styles P, AZ and the legendary Large Professor," who is the guy in the loop above. [Instructables]

(Music in the loop by Bret and Jemaine)

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