Hoverit Lounger: Relaxation Through Levitation

hoverit.jpgThe latest in relaxation technology comes to us from British company Hoverit in the form of a handmade acrylic lounger that can hover in mid air. As you might have guessed, the gravity defying aspects of the chair derive from repelling magnetic forces in both the bed and base. Hoverit also suggests that the magnetic forces can "help back, muscular problems and headaches" in addition to delivering a relaxing sensation akin to floating on air. More after the break.

The CAD designed chair pictured here is the first in what will become a series of magnetized floating chairs. Unfortunately, pricing information has not been made available —but think expensive thoughts. That having been said, the least they could do is throw in a cushion. Floating chair or not, the word "comfort" doesn't readily come to mind when I look at this thing. [Product Page via Trendhunter]

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