Hey Toshiba, Keep Your Chin Up

IMG_2416wtmk.JPGHey Toshiba, how's it going? It's been rough, these last couple days, with Warner bailing and HD DVD looking like it's on the Bataan Death March. We were pretty impressed with the way you mostly kept your shit together onstage instead of like, slaughtering the press corps with smashed HD DVD players or weeping tears of blood, which you looked like you were on the verge of doing.

I mean, we would've like to have tossed some Qs your way, but Mr. President robotically repeated the press release that you were "surprised by Warner Bros. announcement" that they're dropping HD DVD and are "particularly disappointed" since HD DVD has gained "momentum" in the market. "We maintain the belief that HD DVD" is best for consumers." It was so devoid of feeling we're almost convinced he isn't sharpening up a katana right now to commit seppuku.

But we felt bad for Jodi Sally, VP of Digital A/V Marketing 'cause the anguish in her voice was pretty palpable when she said, "As you can imagine this is a tough day for me... I expected to come here today to share the successes of HD DVD..." There might've actually been a real, live tear or two, but we weren't quite close enough to tell. And we felt even worse when she added that "It's difficult for me to read all the pundits declare that HD DVD is dead, but we've been declared dead before." Since, hey, we've been adding to the pile. Granted, how many times can you declare something dead before it finally dies?

Anyway, we just wanted to take a moment to tell you to stay strong, Toshiba. There's still a glimmer of hope in combo players and the cheap Chinese calvary invading our shores. If nothing else, there's always eBay in a few years.

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