Here's an Idea for HD DVD: Just Give Up

HD_DVD_Tyson_On_Ropes.jpgEven if you don't take Hitler's word for it, you probably have the feeling that Blu-ray has won, following Warner Bros.' decision to ditch HD DVD. Questex analyst Thomas K. Arnold has a real innovative solution:

"I'm hoping Toshiba, Universal and Paramount will take the high road and, for the good of the entire industry, bow out [of HD DVD] . Universal and Paramount, in particular, need to jump on the Blu-ray Disc bandwagon so we can go into the new year with a unified front and a unified mission: To educate consumers about the advantages of high-definition media and convince them the time to transition from standard DVD to Blu-ray is the day they bring that HDTV into their home."

Oh, so it's about consumers now, eh Tom? Who'da thunk it? [Home Media Magazine via HDTV UK]

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