Helly Hansen Apparel Keeps You Warm When the World Will Not

Odin%20GI.jpgHelly Hansen's Odin project is the name given to their newly completed, technologically advanced apparel system. The range, which will include various garments for extreme climates, incorporates the Odin PCM Soft-shell. The end result of the development is automatic temperature control, and we think that is promising an awful lot. Given our tendency to have reptile like responses to varying weather conditions, a fabric that is able to store heat and only release it when the external temperature falls drastically, sounds like the answer to our clothes based prayers. The Odin PCM Soft-shell fabric promises exactly that.

The heat balancing trickery is carried out by official Schoeller PCM smart textiles, but the versatility does not end there; the fabric, which is not only thermoregulating and waterproof, is also highly durable due to the non-binding nature of its construction. The Odin project textiles will initially be launched in a series of Helly Hansen jackets and pants, but if it does what it promises, expect to see the technology in all kinds of places. I suggest socks as a good starting point. Those who second my motion, show your support below.
[Helly Hansen]

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