Haroon Races iShoes Team, iShoes Team Gets PWNED!

OK, I know the piss taking shall commence in full shortly, but before you do, check out the iShoes in action. We've told you about the motorised footwear before, but this is our first proper foots on. Weighing in at over 5 kilograms, with a top speed of 13.5 mph and a 3-mile range, looking like an ass has never been so fun.

I have a sneaking feeling team iShoes actually let me win, but I digress, the iShoes retail at $US599.99, are available now, fit US shoes sizes 8-14 and have earned the commenters rights to rip the shit out of Haroon's truly awful attempt at utilisation. Be comforted in the knowledge that if it were you, I'd be merciless. *Straps on iShoes and speeds away* [iShoes]

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