Hands On the JVC Everio GZ-MG730, World's Smallest Hard-Drive Camcorder

frontJVC-Everio-GZ-MG730.jpgJVC's Everio line of camcoders just got a refresh, and we just got our hands on the highest-end member of the family, the GZ-MG730 with a 30GB storage drive and 10x zoom. It's got to be the tiniest hard-drive camcorder in the world, and it really does fit in a large pocket. It's light and has a comfy feel in the hand, and we really like the so-called "Laser Touch Operation user interface," better than a touchscreen by far.


You're not going to get any grime on that screen with this slim guideway for your finger, situated just to the left of the 2.7-inch widescreen. All the adjustments are available with a quick slide up or down, and your screen stays clean. This highest-end GZ-MG730 camcorder comes with a docking station, from which it's easily removed.

We like its sharp f/1.8 Konica Minolta lens, which snapped into focus quickly, and takes some great-looking stills, too, with its separate engines for stills and video. Definitely a coolCam, the $800 pocket shooter rolls out for sale in February.

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